Shamanism And The Paranormal

In an inclusion based Universe, everything that exists has validity, even if you don’t have access to an awareness of all that exists at any one time. Or even a small part of it. In this inclusion based world view, our failure to be aware of the paranormal, or any part of it, is therefore not a valid a reason to declare those experiences that people have as either hallucinations, or simply that what is felt simply doesn’t exist. That would be like saying that radio waves don’t exist, because I can’t see them, or feel them. The argument for radio waves is that you can see the results of their existence. Well, you can see the results of the existence of the paranormal as well, and the fear, the gut feelings, and the change in their surroundings during paranormal events that people feel, is the “station” they play with their bodies as accurate receptors when “hit” with the energy of the paranormal, much in the same way as a radio physically responds with music when hit by radio waves.

Whether the above observation settles anyone’s doubts or not doesn’t matter. What does matter is this. If non-ordinary reality and paranormal events cause changes and responses in our energy fields through feelings and experiences, then in an inclusion based Universe, perhaps there’s a way to use those experiences and feelings for our own good. Our own good as we say what our own good is, not anyone else. What I have found is that during paranormal events, our ego, or tonal based world, is stretched a bit, sometimes a lot, and in a literal sense our energy envelopes expand to include more space. After the event, it is Universal Law that our energy space cannot close down, so something has to fill it back up again. If what is used to fill that space back up again are doubts, confusion, and fear, then that’s certainly what the experiencer gets to be “right” about; that they live in a scary, predatorial, “out to get you” Universe. Once we set ourselves on this path, it’s very difficult to turn our eyes in a different direction, and get out of the victim racket mode of thinking. That’s when everything seems as if it’s out to “get us” whether or not it really is.

If instead, we do as the Zen Master does, and simply “be with” what happens during paranormal events, and experiences of non-ordinary reality, then we can deliberately allow something else other than fear to fill up our post-paranormal event, expanded energy field. By way of example, I learned after thirty-eight years of studying and practicing martial arts that after for instance, putting my fist through cinderblocks with ease, without harm or evidence of having done so, that the expectation in martial arts is that after that non-ordinary event, what you will then possess is the ability to do so again, and with even greater ease. And, through a greater number of cinderblocks. Now to stick your unprotected fist through one cinderblock is a non-ordinary enough event, but to then expect to more easily break through two blocks afterwards, is the filling up of the space from the first non-ordinary event, with an expectation of increased skill. If we can do this deliberate filling up of our expanded energy field in relationship to the non-ordinary event of breaking concrete with mere flesh and blood, why not with non-ordinary reality, and paranormal events as well?

I have walked across a bed of 1200 degree hot coals ten feet long and felt nothing except the joy of expanding my energy envelope and then deliberately filling it back up again with promises of fulfilling life commitments. In other paranormal events, such as shape shifting, talking with the dead, or out of body experiences, I have done no less. But this is the key. This filling up of our space in a way that enhances our lives, rather than detracts from them, has to be done deliberately. And, it has to be thought about and planned, in advance of the event. To get scared during paranormal events simply for the thrill of it, and then to allow yourself to expand upon that reaction over time, is to fill your energy envelope up with fear. Fill yourself up with fear, and what do you get? That’s right, more fear. Not a particularly useful experience, and one that precipitates more fear and outright paranoia. And it’s not that paranormal events or non-ordinary reality circumstances, aren’t frightening at times, they are. The shift we have to make isn’t in not reacting, or even not reacting with fear, because our bodies certainly know what’s going on, but in not continuing a conceptual reaction over time. In straight talk, that would mean to deliberately not fill up our energy envelopes, or to shape our literal way of being, through conceptual fear, which after the event is the only kind of fear left, because your body has long gotten over it.

If instead, in allowing in the reality of both paranormal and non-ordinary reality, in this inclusion based world view, we act “as if” nothing’s happening, then what happens is that we can be shaking in our boots while observing, (or allowing our bodies to be the accurate receptors and reactors that they truly are) and yet still maintain our centeredness (or to deliberately control our minds and what we fill up our expanded energy envelope with after the event.) This is to let our bodies do what they do, because they are so much more in tune with all the different energies around us, and then have it be our job to do the only thing we really do have the power to do, and that is to control our minds. If in advance of events, our plan is that we deliberately train our minds to fill up our literal energy envelopes with new ways of being aligned with our path-with-heart habits, and fulfilling life commitments, after we are expanded through confronting the unknown, then we walk the path of The Steel Shaman, or one who builds a bridge between the two worlds, a bridge of inclusion.

What Do Paranormal Researchers Really Know?

The attempt to distinguish one type of haunting from another is an incredibly difficult task for even the most seasoned Paranormal Investigator. After years of research, I can assure you of one thing; ghosts do not willfully come out of hiding to visit with us over coffee. As a matter of fact, the average specter seems to avoid confrontations with the living, tending to show themselves only when, where and how they want. Despite my greatest efforts, I have yet to define any clear method of enticing them out of hiding and into our presence. I don’t know if they avoid interaction with us by their own choosing, their abilities or even due to the order of a higher being. Regardless, the difficulties we face when trying to understand the different types of ghosts and haunts we come across, is nothing compared to how difficult it is to talk about them in an intelligent way. Before we can have an honest conversation about ghosts, or any other topic for that matter, we must attempt to define what it is we are talking about and the following is my attempt to do just that. Please keep in mind that all of which you are about to read are my own thoughts and feelings about the matter. After all, when dealing with the supernatural there are no true facts – only a lot of speculation.

So, what exactly is a ghost? In my opinion, a ghost is the surviving, yet transformed energy of a human being after his or her physical body dies.

Let’s talk briefly about the energy contained within the human body. Everything about us (both physiologically and psychologically) is possible, and controlled by, the electrical signals running throughout our bodies. This electricity is generated within the atoms from which we are built. Without it, we could not possibly exist. Consider also Einstein’s formula: E=MC2, which basically says that energy can transform, but never dies. This fact is also supported by the Laws of Thermodynamics, which states that energy is always conserved; it cannot be created nor destroyed. In essence, energy can only be converted from one form into another.

Considering that the scientific community generally accepts these laws and theories as being factual, then the next obvious question is: What happens to all that electricity after our physical body ceases to exist? I believe that our energy detaches from the flesh and yet somehow continues to thrive. This may sound outrageous to some, but there is a mountain of evidence collected by thousands of Paranormal Investigators from all around the world to support the idea that our energy survives outside of our human body. The evidence also shows that our energy is capable of retaining our entire personality, including all of our thoughts, memories and desires. In some cases we even see evidence that we keep our temperament and sense of humor!

Now that you understand how I feel about the survival of our soul outside of our physical human body, allow me discuss what I believe happens after we die, and also some of the many ways we seem capable of interacting with the physical world after our departure.

Reincarnation: In some cases, I believe that our energy is reincarnated and will begin life anew inside the body of another human. How this takes place, I don’t know, but I do believe it happens. I also believe that at our rebirth, we lose the conscious memories of our past. Where’s my evidence to support such a notion? Well, the evidence is anecdotal at best, but there have been stories of Deja vu going back countless generations. Deja vu is the feeling that one has already seen or experienced a current situation, even though the exact circumstances of the earlier encounter are uncertain and perhaps even dreamt or imagined. In some cases, the experience is so distinct that the person may enter into a building they have never been and yet somehow know exactly where everything is within the house. Hypnotists have also been known to take people back to the past; so far in fact that the person believes that he or she has gone into a previous life; they call this, “Past Life Regression Hypnosis.” Now, I know this isn’t a lot of evidence to support my belief in reincarnation, but like I said before, this is my opinion, and that is all I have to offer.

Heaven: I also believe that once you have learned what is required of you here on Earth, you will be invited to “follow the light,” and go directly to Heaven. What is Heaven? I don’t know, I haven’t seen it. But, based on the testimony of countess patients that have experienced the life after death phenomenon; I believe it is a place where your energy becomes a part of the eternal energy field that transcends time and space. At that time, you are no longer held down by the restraints of your physical body and you are free to live again without pain or stress. Everything is beautiful, everything is love and everything is eternal. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, we are only human after all and to accept anything as perfect as what I just described goes against everything we have ever learned about life. Still, I truly believe in “Heaven” and I believe that it is every bit as awesome as the Bible describes.

Hell: I suppose that if one believes in Heaven, then we must also accept that there is a Hell. Hell is for the nastiest of bad people, and everything I have ever read about the place is horrific and ugly. I hope I never receive the opportunity to experience it. The funny thing is that most of the evidence we have recorded suggests that life after death is typically enjoyable. We might choose to believe that all the truly evil people of the world have already transcended to Hell, but the evidence suggests otherwise.

Haunts: If you don’t go to Heaven or Hell, and you have not yet been reincarnated, then what? Well, at that point you may be in a place where you are stuck on Earth for a while. Maybe you are awaiting your judgment, or there is just a long line at checkout and you don’t want to get in it yet. While waiting for the right time, you may attempt to interact with the natural world, and if your interaction is successful, then you will in effect be the source of a place being considered haunted. There are many types of haunts to discuss, and many “titles” assigned to them, however, let me assure you that no matter what you read elsewhere; none of us can claim any of this as factual. It is merely the interpretations of our knowledge combined with our own personal experiences described the best way we know how.

Intelligent Haunting: The belief that when a person dies, his or her spirit leaves the human body and for reasons unknown, remains earthbound. There are many theories about why the disembodied soul of a dead person doesn’t leave, (unfinished business, doesn’t know that he or she is dead, etc.) but who really knows? There are a few things we focus on as we attempt to find if the haunting is the result of a discarnate Soul: the ghost will be interactive, intelligent, and he or she may attempt to communicate with us.

Residual: This is the belief that an event is so intense that it leaves an impression on the scene, (similar to the way a sound is recorded onto the surface of a magnetic tape in a tape recorder). Otherwise known as an “Impression on the Location” or the “Stone Tape Theory,” the replaying of the impression is triggered when any varieties of conditions are met, (daily, weekly, yearly, every time it rains, anniversaries, full-moon, etc.). At times, witnesses have described these types of haunts as including anything from vehicles, buildings, machinery, etc. There are a few things we look for before we will classify a haunting as residual: the ghost is not interactive, and seems oblivious to our presence at the site, and he or she will not attempt to communicate with us.

Poltergeist: Poltergeist is a German word that combines the verb “Poltern” which means to make noise, rumble or knock, and the word “Geist” which indicates a Ghost or Spirit. Therefore, a Poltergeist is a noisy Ghost, rumbling Spirit, or any of the like. In the Paranormal world, we refer to a Poltergeist as a spirit or ghost that is able to interact with our physical world by moving objects, making noises, throwing things, etc. So, in order for us to give a ghost the title of “Poltergeist” during a haunting investigation, we would expect the ghost to be noisy and potentially disruptive.

Most paranormal phenomena is classified using one of those 3 types of ghosts and haunts, however, there are other possibilities to consider.

Time Slip: The “time slip” is very much like the residual haunting in that the ghost does not interact with us. However, the theory suggests that the person isn’t seeing a “recording” per se, but instead they are actually looking through a “window in time”, and seeing the event as it is unfolding in the past. I can’t disprove the “time slip”, but I can’t say that I have ever seen any evidence to support it either. Therefore, I will remain highly skeptical of this theory.

Hallucination: Drugs, alcohol, extreme fatigue and physical or mental illness can all cause hallucinations in people. When a person experiences a hallucination, he or she becomes fully engulfed in the images, odors and/or sounds as though they were truly happening. This is why we as researchers of the paranormal should always question people about their mental and physical well-being, as well as any use of drugs and/or alcohol prior to performing any paranormal investigation.

Imagination: Some people, (especially ghost hunters at times) want to experience a haunting so intensely that they interpret every unusual sound, smell or visual anomaly they come across as being supernatural. Unlike hallucinations, the person doesn’t actually see, smell or hear anything paranormal; they simply jump to false conclusions and quite often do not even attempt to debunk the experience.

Colliding Dimensions: This is way over my head, and the heads of almost everyone I know in the field of paranormal research, but it is at least worthy of brief mention. Basically, the colliding dimensions theory suggests that ghosts are entities from another dimension that has collided with our own. The idea is that our dimension is surrounded by other dimensions. Occasionally, a ripple in the universe causes two dimensions to collide with each other and for that brief period, we are able to see people, “on the other side”.

Thought Projection: The thought projection theory suggests that some apparitions could be the result of another being, living or dead, actually projecting their thoughts psychically into the minds of others. The result is very much like a hallucination; however, several people bear witness to it at the same time. Personally, I have no evidence, nor have I ever seen any credible evidence to substantiate such a notion.

Astral Projection: Also know as an out-of-body experience, many people believe that they are capable, either deliberately or spontaneously, to astral project themselves out of their own body. I am one of them; having experienced what I believe were out-of-body events twice as a young boy. I think about stories of people seeing their loved one at home, only to find out later the person they saw was still overseas fighting in a war. The question I ask is; did that person actually see the astral body of the man, or was it simply a matter of an over active imagination or hallucination? I think any of the three are possible, but without the ability to test this extremely rare occurrence, we may never really know.

Angelic or Demonic: It is easy to get wrapped up in the religious arguments that are sure to arise when people discuss angels and demons. In its simplest form, most people associate a good spirit as angelic, where-as the demonic spirit represents evil. The Hebrew Bible, the New Testament and the Quran, all refer to Angels as being the messengers of God. Catholic theology refers to demons as being like the devil, and often refers to them as fallen-angels or evil spirits.

Having discussed all these types of ghosts and haunts, we haven’t even begun to cover things like shadow people, Doppelganger, and the like. The list goes on and on, and no matter how much time I dedicate to this article, there will always be those people who insist that I missed out on the opportunity to discuss some very important types of ghosts and/or haunts. Frankly, I just don’t see the point in spending any more time giving credence to that with which we cannot offer any evidence for.

I guess my point is this; a lot of the paranormal investigations we undergo result in us finding perfectly natural explanations for the phenomenon our clients were experiencing. There are times, however, where there is no logical explanation for the phenomena that is occurring and we end up with no option except to consider the location haunted. Once we show that, then we can look to see if the evidence we collected supports that a ghost was attempting to interact with us. If so, then we will describe it as being an intelligent haunting by the disembodied soul of a deceased person. If there is no clear interaction noted, then we will consider it residual, and finally, if we experience kinetic activity at the site along with unexplained noises, then we will consider it the result of a poltergeist type haunting.

For now, that is about the best we can do. No matter how much time we devote to the field of parapsychology and paranormal research, we must understand that we do not have the technology, gadgets or wisdom we need to help us decipher why a spirit is haunting any particular place. To suggest otherwise would be ridiculous. Perhaps, the day will come when we do, but until that time, the best we can hope for is to do our research, conduct our investigations, review our evidence and use our knowledge and common sense to give you our best “opinions” on the subject.

Nothing more…. Nothing less.

Paranormal Activity 2 Review

Paranormal Activity 2 is essentially more of the same. Whether that bodes well for you or not is entirely dependent upon whether or not you like the first movie. I realize the movies aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but personally I thoroughly enjoyed the first Paranormal Activity. The second was no different. While it wasn’t quite up to par with the first, in my eyes, the sequel still delivered.

Paranormal Activity 2 is a parallel prequel to the first film. In the first film, we saw the story of Micah and Katie. In part 2, we watch related events unfold as we follow Kristi (Katie’s sister), her husband Dan and her step-daughter Ali. The family has just had an addition as well in little baby Hunter. After what appears to be a break-in (their home is trashed), Dan decides to have an elaborate surveillance system installed in the house. Through these cameras we watch as strange happenings begin to unfold in the household.

Paranormal Activity 2, thankfully, refrains from falling to the influence of Hollywood and avoids turning the film into some sensational movie. It remains true to the minimalistic nature and formula that was the essence of the first movie. Part of the beauty of the franchise is it’s ability to be mundane in its presentation while still remaining captivating. This is accomplished by being so simple that the movie remains eerily realistic. And instead of sensationalizing the horror of the film, the creators of Paranormal Activity 2 opt to remain true to its roots by leaving some things mysterious. This has been a wonderful aspect to the films in my opinion. Through this method, Paranormal Activity 2 delivers just enough to instill that horror in the minds of the audience, but leaves enough ‘out of sight’ to allow the true terror to be realized through that of the audience’s imagination seeking to fill in the blanks. All while your imagination runs wild wondering what’s going to happen next or what lurks around the corner, the film drags it all on by slowly building the suspense and encouraging that racing mind.

The movie does a good job of answering many of the questions presented by the first. Where did this demon come from? Why is he after Katie’s family? How does he come to be attached to Katie? What is he really after? What happens with Katie after she offs Micah? All this and more is answered as Paranormal Activity 2 serves as a great prequel and wrap-up to the first film. Starting off before events of the first film and eventually ending with events after the first film (hence the “parallel-prequel”), it wraps the story up fairly nicely.

The essence of the franchise, I think, is beautifully captured in the last 30-45 seconds before the final credits roll on Paranormal Activity 2. The screen fades to black. You sit there waiting for those tell-tale credits to roll and usher the crowd out, only they don’t come. At that moment the tension begins to build again slightly. Then you hear the murmurs of the audience as everybody waits in anticipation. You know it’s coming. They’re inevitably going to do something to scare you one last time. So you wait….still black. Then, after several more tense seconds, the credits roll. At that point, you can pretty much hear the collective sigh of relief from the entire audience. It says a lot when a film can have that type of control over an audience. Dragging them along on a string. This command of tension and suspense has defined the Paranormal Activity franchise for me. In an age where gore and violence dominate the genre, Paranormal Activity proves that there is still a suspenseful art to horror.

Overall, Paranormal Activity 2 is a wonderful genre film. While it may not appeal to all due to its low-budget nature/characteristics and its simplistic approach/technique, it proves to be a worthy successor to the first film. Staying true to the formula set forth by the first movie, Paranormal Activity 2 delivers a wonderfully suspenseful experience, despite a somewhat slow start. For fans of the first movie, Paranormal Activity 2 is a must-see.

Orbs – Paranormal Apparitions

In the paranormal investigations and studies field there are many different mysteries. While we still can’t put a clear scientific answer to a lot of these mysteries there are a few we can. One such mystery is the ORB, while many amateurs and some professionals are convinced of it’s evidence of paranormal activity many do not share this view. In fact most of the paranormal research groups out there accept the truth about orbs and readily educate others concerning this truth. So what is this truth you ask?

The truth is they are not paranormal at all, in fact they are quite a normal occurrence So that leaves the question of “What exactly are orbs?” quite simply put they are balls of EME (electromagnetic energy). These are natural formations of energy that groups together quite possibly due to its magnetic force or opposite poles (magnetic poles) attracting. These formations are visible only to the aided eye and are more commonly viewed through Infrared saturation of a room (Ie. a dark room with night shot).

So why do they only seem to be shown during paranormal investigations? The answer to this is more simple than you could imagine, paranormal investigations make the most frequent use of dark rooms and infrared technology. A practice not commonly used when filming the family vacation. A common theory amongst paranormal researchers is that ghosts or spirits absorb electromagnetic energy to help manifest themselves or influence our world. So true orbs can be precursors to a manifestation of a spirit, but not the spirit itself.

Truth be told most orbs in pictures and videos are nothing more than dust contamination and pesky little flying insects. These elements cause such problems for analyzing evidence that they are more often than not discarded as nothing more than “dust”. A true orb will generate its own light not reflect it, meaning your video or camera would pick it up without the use of flash or it appears in an area not affected by the flash or infrared devices. They also move erratically and swiftly leaving behind a trail or “tail” in their wake. while dust does this too it is much slower and does not leave the tail. Finally they are not round as common belief but usually more elliptical due to their movement and are rarely caught stationary.

False orbs unlike true orbs will travel in packs (multiple orbs in one shot), true orbs are rarely seen in packs. These false orbs also move significantly slower that true orbs and will more often than not have a defined flight plan. Don’t be fooled by these videos online as most of them are edited with after effects and or green screen technology. Their true intent is to discredit the paranormal field and often will depict dangerous and malicious activity. Those videos are fake and do those of us professionals out there serious discredit.

In conclusion the truth about orbs is that they are no more paranormal than that guy at the deli ordering the peanut butter and egg sandwich (disgusting!). They are only normal occurrences and are usually ignored by professionals. So next time you see one of those videos or a friend raves about the paranormal orbs in his or her pictures you know the truth now and you can educate others so as they wont be fooled by the dust bunny invasion too.

Paranormal Investigator

I am not sure about the rest of you but I have magnetic signs on the side of my truck that have our teams logo and web site on it. I don’t know if this is good practice or not. I bring this up because this morning I was driving to work and twice when I was stopped at a traffic light I had cars pull up to the side of me look at the magnet and then slowly pull up to the front of the truck and then stare into my window. The first time I wiped my nose thinking I had something hanging out of it but I didn’t. Other than the nose thing I didn’t really think twice about it until it happened the second time, different car same look. I understand how difficult it maybe for some people to understand what it is I exactly do and why I do it. This is one of the many difficulties, I, as a Paranormal Investigator, am glad to deal with. I think that I am going to start carrying a skull mask in the truck so next time this happens I could slip it on and really give them something to look at. I know they may just be curious to see what a Paranormal investigator looks like.

I am here to tell all those people who want to know or are just curious, that I as a Paranormal Investigator look just like anyone else, I have a job, I have a family, I go to church, I am a proud veteran and served in a war, and unfortunately I pay taxes. I am really no different from you in many ways. I know, that paranormal investigators have become popularized through television. I ask you to not judge me. I am not like you see on TV.

I believe the majority of the Paranormal Investigation teams missions are all the same. Mine is this I am here to aid the living, who are experiencing severe, disturbing, or friendly/frightening paranormal activity in their lives. I take an unbiased, logical, scientific, and professional approach. While at the same time I attempt to discover the truth behind the event, to offer closure for all those affected; living or dead. I specialize in the investigation and paranormal phenomenon. My vision is to collect information and analyze available evidence about the phenomenon experienced by the living, and attempt to find a cause and solution. I adhere to my beliefs and its method and philosophy about situations deemed as paranormal phenomenon. I further affirm that I am dedicated to the continued study of the paranormal and attempting to help you develop a better understanding of what they are experiencing in your life to the best of my knowledge. I believe in the Paranormal, proving that it exist is not my goal. I accept, that you may have the belief that such a thing doesn’t exist, and for those who don’t or can’t believe I say this, ” I will never have enough proof for you because no proof is possible”. To those who do believe no proof is needed.”

I think most people today want to be seen as modern thinkers and not superstitious. Admitting to an experience is not normally accepted as real and opens people up to being criticized. So, there are people who say they believe only in what science has “proven.” What if those people had lived a few hundred years ago, how do you think they would have reacted to being told about electricity or about the ability to see the images of people large distances away through television, etc? Don’t get me wrong, people are entitled to what they want to believe that is why we as Paranormal investigators do what we do. We help those who may have a doubt and help them understand that it is OK.

The term “Paranormal Investigator” can include anyone interested in many areas of the paranormal such as Aliens or UFO’s, and yes, even ghosts. The key word in this title, however is “Investigator”. Webster’s Dictionary describes an “Investigator” as someone who will observe or study by close examination and systematic inquiry: to make a systematic examination: to conduct an official inquiry. The Paranormal Investigator attempts to rule out all possible natural explanations, are open minded and inquisitive, do not make assumptions and do not just assume ghosts exist, they take a scientific approach to their research and many are versed in a variety of other areas of related fields such as Parapsychology, Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Environmental, geological, and others. The Paranormal Investigator, not only uses good quality equipment when conducting an investigation, but they also know what the equipment is used for, how to use it properly and how to analyze the data they collect and correlate it with other types of evidence to have a greater view of a situation. If no evidence is apparent, they take it for what it is. Good or Bad. They do not attempt to make it fit their hypotheses. The Investigator conducts research on the area they are investigating in hopes of getting clarification on some of the evidence they may have collected. I believe also that most if not all of the Paranormal Investigation teams also go as far as offering some type of cleansing protocol or spiritual help if needed. Most of the Paranormal and Ghost hunting teams on the web are in fact Paranormal Investigators. If you are in the need of help from one of these teams or individuals, just be aware of their beliefs and their objectives.

My beliefs on the Paranormal are as follows; I believe in ghost and the supernatural, no one has to prove this phenomena to me. I believe that we as human beings develop such a bond with our families and loved ones that it makes it hard sometimes to move on after we pass. I believe that someone in life can get so comfortable with their surroundings they are unable to pass because this is where they feel most alive. I also believe that our emotions are so strong that the emotion itself can create a spirit of a passed loved one. When it comes to being a Paranormal Investigator my goal along with my Paranormal team is to investigate these phenomena, which includes collecting data and evidence through various equipment. We review the data and evidence collected with hopes of not only gathering further proof of the Paranormal but to also rule out the possibility of it actually being a natural occurrence. Using the evidence and data, our team tries to find the answers to why certain things happen at certain times. We try and find out why a spirit shows itself to someone or at some place but not to everyone and every place. We try to find out through our questioning if the spirit is a relation to a home owner or something else. These are just some of the things we try to get answers for. We record and file all of our investigation with hope of finding a common link between this world and the next.

The Difference between A Ghost Hunter and Paranormal Investigator.

My dad us to always say “that all catfish are fish, but not all fish are catfish”. This saying goes true for these different types of individuals. All Paranormal Investigators are Ghost Hunters, but not all Ghost hunters are Paranormal Investigators.

If you were to look around the web, you would find that there are quite a few “Ghost Hunter” and “Paranormal Investigation” teams. We have all heard these terms often and assume that they are the same. I think that there is a difference between the “Ghost Hunter” and the “Paranormal Investigator”. There are several aspects of each of these titles that express what these people do and how they look at the field. Let’s take a look at each of them. This is just my opinion so please keep that in mind when reading.


This title pretty much says it all. To hunt ghosts would imply that these individuals assume that there are ghost and they are on a quest to find them. The basic definition of a hunter is one who hunts. I think that these are the individuals that you will find walking around a cemetery or an abandoned building late at night with a flashlight, a digital camera, maybe a Electromagnetic Field Meter (EMF), and a voice recorder and hoping to see something that will scare the mess out of them. To me these individuals are just thrill seekers with little or no education in the Paranormal field. These individuals know what the equipment is but rarely know the proper way to use it. The images, readings on their meters, and the sounds that are on their recorders they take as proof positive of a ghost. When they watch Ghost Hunting shows on TV, they accept them as actual reality of the Paranormal field. Don’t get me wrong I believe that all of us Paranormal Investigators were once Ghost Hunters and that really is not a bad thing, and I believe that we revert back to a Ghost Hunter every now and again. A practical Ghost Hunter makes a great Paranormal Investigator.


The term “Paranormal Investigator” can include anyone interested in many areas of the paranormal such as Aliens or UFO’s, and yes, even ghosts. The key word in this title, however is “Investigator”. Webster’s Dictionary describes an “Investigator” as someone who will observe or study by close examination and systematic inquiry: to make a systematic examination: to conduct an official inquiry. The Paranormal Investigator attempts to rule out all possible natural explanations, are open minded and inquisitive, do not make assumptions and do not just assume ghosts exist, they take a scientific approach to their research and many are versed in a variety of other areas of related fields such as Parapsychology, Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Environmental, geological, and others. The Paranormal Investigator, not only uses good quality equipment when conducting an investigation, but they also know what the equipment is used for, how to use it properly and how to analyze the data they collect and correlate it with other types of evidence to have a greater view of a situation. If no evidence is apparent, they take it for what it is. Good or Bad. They do not attempt to make it fit their hypotheses. The Investigator conducts research on the area they are investigating in hopes of getting clarification on some of the evidence they may have collected. I believe also that most if not all of the Paranormal Investigation teams also go as far as offering some type of cleansing protocol or spiritual help if needed. Most of the Paranormal and Ghost hunting teams on the web are in fact Paranormal Investigators. If you are in the need of help from one of these teams or individuals, just be aware of their beliefs and their objectives.

Showing respect to the passed.

I would like to think that a successful paranormal investigation is not only based on how scientific or how sophisticated the tools we employ during field investigation are. I believe such success is also based on how much we understand the existence of the paranormal and how we accept their existence. The great tools are imbedded within our own personality. I believe spirits are human beings, who still retain their emotions and intelligence after death. Therefore, they still behave exactly like us, and like us they would like respect from the living. As a paranormal investigator, I understand the concept of humility that is related to positive behavior – showing respect and reverence for the dead will always create positive energy that in turn will attract the spirit to be involved in paranormal investigations.Nobody likes to be forced to do anything. Even in real life, we don’t like someone to order us to do things in an offensive manner. Asking in a polite manner. I think will always get a more positive response out of the listener and will definitely make them more apt to cooperate. We must remember that we are trying to build a relationship with these spirits. I believe that if someone behaves in a hostile way towards the spirit by ordering the spirit to appear, so that the spirit can be captured, then we should be prepared to feel the negative reaction of the spirit towards us or we suffer the failure of getting success in the investigation. Nevertheless, the technology that we use during a paranormal investigation is not the most important thing that brings success, but a mere tool that helps us to document spirit existence. I maintain and believe that the best attraction for spirits to participate in our investigations is by showing respect and reverence towards them.

Ghost Hunting 101

Do you hear bumps in the night? Does your hair stand on end when you walk into a room? Maybe you feel as if someone is watching you or perhaps you think you see someone out the corner of your eye, but when you turn to look no one is there? What you may be encountering in those unsettling moments is a ghost. So before you go running out of your house screaming, let’s take a moment to talk about ghostly encounters and those that investigate this phenomena.

A ghost is believed to be the spirit or soul of a person who has remained on Earth after death. When a ghost has taken up residence in a location, it is referred to as a haunting. There are two different ways in which a ghost inhabits a location. The most common type of haunting is a residual haunting. A residual haunting is typified by ghostly energy that is static or goes through a number of movements over and over again. It can be likened to watching a movie clip that repeats itself or a record album that has a skip in it, causing the needle to jump back to an earlier point on the album and begin again.

The second classification of haunting is the classic haunting. In a classic haunting the ghost displays intelligence and interacts with the people in the environment. It is not uncommon during a classic haunting for items to be moved around, for lights or electrical appliances to turn on and off, to hear voices our sounds out of nowhere or to be touched, tickled, stroked or even shoved. These ghosts often reflect the personality of an individual, even after their death. With this type of haunting, the aroma of flowers, perfume, cigarette smoke or other scents that are associated with the individual are often detected.

So whether you think you are being haunted by a ghost and want to have a group of trained professionals to come to your home or are interested in investigating all that goes bump in the night, but don’t know where to begin, here’s some information that can help you get started.

It is held that ghosts are electro-magnetic in origin and they create these fields when trying to manifest into this dimension. The energy that is given off by a ghost causes disruptions in the locations magnetic field, thus making it detectable by specialized equipment and psychics alike.

Because the presence of a ghost can be detected by specific types of equipment, a ghost hunter can become well equipped with a number of affordable pieces of equipment, many of which you may already own. From basic to advanced, there are many different types of equipment you can use to detect an otherworldly presence. For someone thinking about participating in an investigation, this doesn’t mean you have to own every piece of equipment in order to perform a reliable investigation. It does mean that you should at least possess a basic set of tools to use.

Basic Equipment

35mm or Digital Camera – For a beginner, having a camera is probably the easiest and least expensive way to begin. Pictures, whether digital or recorded on film can capture paranormal activity, activity that is often invisible to the naked eye. This is especially true in the case of documenting the presence of orbs and ectoplasm.

Notebook & Pen or Pencil – Simple as this may be, it is always a good idea to have something to record any notes, findings or experiences you may have during an investigation.

Flashlight – Many times an investigation will take you to a dark or foreboding location such as a cemetery, old warehouse, abandoned building or other place that is dark or without electricity. In these instances you will need to have a portable light source.

Extra Batteries – Depending on the paranormal activity of a location, batteries oftentimes will mysteriously and unexpectedly lose their charge leaving you in the dark. Regardless of the type of equipment you use, make sure you bring extra batteries along to replenish depleted ones.

Intermediate Equipment

EMF Detector – The Electromagnetic Field Detector is probably one of the most important pieces of equipment to own if you are serious about doing an investigation. In addition to detecting the energy fields of ghosts, it is a key tool to use when taking baseline readings of a site. A baseline reading is a preliminary evaluation of a location, where investigators identify any existing or man made electromagnetic fields such as those created by power lines or electrical appliances.

Digital Video Camera – Video cameras can be a useful investigation tool. Unlike still cameras, a video camera will document any activity in its entirety including the length of time the phenomena occurs, the surrounding conditions, as well as the phenomena itself. A tripod to rest the video camera on is also helpful, especially if it is going to be left in a stationary position to record the activity in a specific location.

Tape Recorder with an External Microphone – There is no better way to capture EVP’s (electronic voice phenomena) than through the use of a tape recorder. Whether using a traditional tape recorder with high quality tapes or a digital recorder, an external microphone should always be used. A detached mic will eliminate the sounds of internal gears and turning wheels that can contaminate your recording.

Advanced Equipment

Motion Detectors – Motion detectors can be used to sense the movement of unseen forces. Many need to be plugged in to an outlet, but battery operated ones are also available. Before you go out and buy one, decide which type will best support you investigatory needs.

Thermal Scanner – A thermal scanner or non-contact thermometer can be used to detect rapid temperature changes. A change of ten degrees or more from the ambient temperature (the temperature of the surrounding area) can indicate an ethereal presence.

Psychics – As An Investigative Tool

In addition to tools such as cameras, meters and gauges that are used by ghost hunters, many groups also utilize the services of trained psychics as a means of gathering information about a site. This is the role I play when working with ghost hunting groups.

Finding a true psychic to work with can be a real asset to the quality of your investigation. They can play an invaluable role in supporting the efforts of any paranormal investigation. Like a good piece of equipment, a psychic can help to detect anomalies as well as provide additional insights into the nature of activity encountered.

If your group decides to include the use of a psychic as part of the investigation team, there are a few items that should be considered. To maximize the objectivity of the investigation, it is critical that the psychic go into a location “cold”. This means that they do not know the details of the location or of any activity that may have been encountered by other members or the property owner. Telling the psychic the history of a property can cause the individual to become “contaminated”, which can make it difficult for them to differentiate what they perceive from what they have been told.

Conducting An Investigation

With at least a basic kit of equipment in hand, you are now ready to explore the world of paranormal phenomena. Before you begin, there are a few ground rules to consider. First, never go on an investigation alone, in addition to personal safety, you never know what may happen. Next, consider the fact that ghost hunting groups are often judged by their behavior and professionalism – so always try to be respectful of the people, places and situations you may encounter.

To do an investigation, the first step is to select a location. Locations can include cemeteries, old buildings, historic sites, private homes and businesses. Always get permission to be on a site. This will keep you from getting in trouble for trespassing. Before you begin a formal investigation it is a good idea to do some research on the site. Talk to the owner, check out old newspapers, or contact the local historic society to see if anything happened there in the past. It is also a good idea to evaluate the terrain for potential hazards or/or to identify places where you can setup stationary video cameras, motion detectors or tape recorders.

Most investigations occur after dark, between the hours of 9pm and 6am. These hours are considered the “psychic hours” and are believed to be the best time to record paranormal activity.

When you get to the selected location, walk around to get a feel for it. Next, set up any stationary equipment and take baseline readings of the site. Then let the investigation begin. Take pictures, shoot video, record for EVP and take meter readings. Take them everywhere and anywhere, especially if you feel something or get a reading on another piece of equipment. When you are done walking around a site, turn your stationary equipment on and let it run while you and your group are out of the area.

When you have finished collecting your data, it is time for analysis. Here each picture, video and tape is reviewed for evidence of a haunting. This is probably the most important part of any investigation. As you review your materials, be skeptical. Look for earthly causes of any phenomena. Was someone smoking in the area? Was the room or location dusty? Where there reflective surfaces that could be the cause of the anomaly in your image? It is important to make sure your evidence will stand up to scrutiny by eliminating any other explanations. This will give your data more credibility.

As you pore over your data, what you will find is that not every location you go to will have ghostly activity. You may discover that many of the things you initially detected during your investigation actually have real world explanations as opposed to supernatural ones. What keeps many ghost hunters going is that one-in-five chance that this investigation will be the “real” thing.

When your analysis is done, presenting your finding to the home or property owner or sharing your results with others is often done. Many groups also post the results of their investigations on their group’s website, thus share the outcome of their investigation with the rest of the world.

If you are interested in ghost hunting or think your have a ghost hanging around in your local, there is a plethora of information available on the worldwide web. Here you can find articles about ghost hunting in general, stories of other people’s ghostly encounters, places that sell ghost hunting equipment and even sites hosted by ghost hunting groups in your geographic area.

So if you think you are hearing bumps in the night, don’t be afraid – it just might be a ghost!

Ghost Hunting

Ghost hunting or paranormal investigating, as it is commonly called; is a rapidly growing worldwide phenomenon. Chasing the spirit world, adventurous pseudo-scientists painstakingly record and review evidence of the paranormal. They utilize a wide variety of scientific equipment to support the existence of ghostly beings.

The demographics of the enthusiastic pursuers of the afterlife cross all the usual boundaries. Ghost hunters are culturally diverse, young and old, male and female, upper and middle class, white collar and blue collar workers combined. There is no stereotypical picture of a paranormal investigator, and anyone can join the hunt. There are no clear cut rules for either avid researchers or curiosity seekers who are trying out a new hobby.

However, serious ghost hunters are very particular about what types of evidence they put out as factual evidence of a haunting. Amateurs should be careful about what they choose to display to the world as actual evidence of the paranormal. Those who consider themselves to be the real deal are on a mission to present clear and irrefutable evidence to the skeptics of the world that the paranormal truly exists. Hoaxes and questionable pieces of evidence damage the credibility of the entire community. It might be wise to keep smiley faced orbs to yourself! The upsurge in popularity of the paranormal has been spurred on by the numerous reality shows about ghost hunting on television, celebrity ghost stories, and the growing acceptance of unexplained phenomenon in today’s culture. The concept is no longer taboo in most circles and has become essentially mainstreamed in the media.

Related industry and celebrated ghost tours have enjoyed an overall increase in popularity as well. In some major cities, ghost tours have almost doubled in size since 2006. Haunted hotels, historical sites, and other locations frequented by the dearly departed have become solidly booked tourist attractions. One survey conducted in 2008 by the Associated Press and Ipsos reported a full 34% of Americans believe n ghosts. A Gallup poll conducted in 2005 showed one third, 32%, said they believed; indicating the numbers are on the rise. Other surveys site the belief in haunted houses as one of the more compelling items on the test survey. Evidently, everyone loves a haunted house.

Ghost hunters utilize a wide variety of tools of the trade to aid in their quest to prove the paranormal is real. The equipment ranges in price and sophistication from the ridiculously simple to the outrageously complex-and expensive. Most items are easily accessible and can be purchased at the hardware store or from on-line ghost hunting equipment shops.

Common LED flashlights, digital and mercury thermometers, walkie-talkies, and motion detectors are staples in most ghost hunting kits for obvious reasons. EMF (electromagnetic field) detectors are fairly inexpensive tools as well. These small but mighty gadgets pick up electrical fields at varying frequencies. Paranormal research theories perpetuate the belief that spiritual energy will create changes in electromagnetic fields as it manifests itself in the environment. (Unfortunately, so will man-made electricity.) Some investigators use a simple compass as a back up to the EMF detector because it will also react to changes in the Earth’s magnetic field and remains unaffected by modern sources of electricity.

More complex, high dollar equipment can be incorporated into the array of ghost hunting gadgets, such as infrared thermal imaging devices or scanners used to enable the investigator to view temperature variations from a distance and ion counters that measure positive and negative ions in the air that serve to capture anomalous conditions in the haunted environment.

One can purchase white noise generators and computer software designed to enhance EVP’s (electromagnet voice phenomenon) in conjunction with laptops and tablet PC’s. The EVP’s are purported to be spirit sounds or voices that operate on sound frequencies not audible to the human ear. They can only be heard when audio recording devices are played at a later time. Most EVP’s are widely open to interpretation but they can be tons of fun and extremely compelling, even to the untrained ear. Nothing says “Boo!” like a good EVP.

In contrast to the scientific route of collecting evidence some paranormal investigating teams are more metaphysically minded and choose to use mystic methods of communicating with the dead. They may defer to Reiki Masters, dowsing rods, old-fashioned séances, or psychic mediums in their quest for answers. Demonologists and members of the clergy may even be asked to lend a helping hand in extreme cases of negative spiritual energy run amok.

Yet, other teams use a combination of all of the above in their quest for answers. Whatever the methodology; a healthy dose of skepticism is a necessary component for any ghost hunting crew. Finding real world answers and debunking claims of spiritual activity is a huge part of the process. Sorting out very simple logical explanations from extraordinary evidence requires a rational attitude and the heart of a skeptic.

Some paranormal researchers report that greater than 90 % of paranormal claims can be debunked by an experienced team of investigators. Most often, things that go bump in the night can be easily removed by any number of real world problem solving techniques-and plumbers or electricians. But, it is the other 10% that keep the crafty ghost hunters going back for more.

Many profound personal experiences with the paranormal are just that. They are profoundly personal and occur spontaneously; involving the senses of touch or smell in addition to sight and hearing. It can be impossible to adequately share that type of personal experience with others except by verbal description. Sometimes the sensory perceptions have no particular significance to anyone other than the one who experiences it, and even then; it is easier to pass an unexplainable incident off as random cosmic coincidence rather than to consider spiritual explanations.

I don’t believe science will ever confirm the existence of ghosts in the physical world. No scientific link has ever been provided thus far despite the feverish attempts of the world’s ghost hunters to provide one. Scientific methodology is not likely to effectively provide that link. Ghosts do not act on command. Most often when an amazing paranormal event is captured on video or audio equipment; it is a onetime only thing. It isn’t likely to happen again in exactly the same way. That makes it extremely difficult to duplicate results over time. It is impossible to validate studies. Does that mean ghosts don’t exist? I think that is up to every individual to decide for themselves. I believe there are mysteries in our world that we just won’t solve. I understand the curiosity, the desire to explore the unknown, and like many others; I am fascinated by it. But, some things are just not meant to be understood in this lifetime. Someday we will all know what happens to us when we die. Until then, I hope people will keep on exploring, developing new technology, and sharing their experiences. Good luck and happy hunting!

Tips For Taking Real Ghost Pictures During A Ghost Hunt

Taking photographs of ghosts is unfortunately hit and miss (mostly missing). There’s no definite guide for successfully photographing the paranormal although by following the tips below you can improve your chances of catching that elusive shot.

Be aware of your environment. Most photos claiming to show ghosts or other paranormal occurrences are often shown to be caused by natural phenomenon. Things such as: dust, insects, smoke, moisture, lighting and shadows have all been put forward as ‘evidence’ of ghosts photography. Being aware of your surroundings and environment can help you decide whether you’ve actually caught something worth sharing or not. For example if on a ghost hunt and your taking photos down in the cellar, chances are high it’s going to be dusty as hell which will probably result in you catching ‘orbs’ in all your photos. Another would be that you take a photograph and see what appears to be a ghostly mist but if you’d been aware of your surroundings you would have known your aunt Pat was having a crafty fag at the time, which would explain the anomaly.

Make sure the shot is clear. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve excitedly thought for a moment that I’d caught something, only on closer inspection realizing that it’s actually the camera strap or the tip of a finger. I learnt my lesson and now know to have the strap over my neck or my wrist and to hold the camera properly. The camera should be held between the thumb on bottom and your index and middle fingers on top, neither should overlap the front edge of the camera. The ring and little fingers should be curled back to the palm. If it’s light enough were you are, then a quick look at the cameras preview screen before each shot will show any obstructions.

Try using film. For the young ones reading this, there was a time believe it or not when digital cameras were only available to those willing to spend thousands of pounds on one. For the rest of us we relied on film photography and had to try and make each shot count. Many investigators believe film photography is better for catching images of the paranormal and only use digital as a last resort. If you want to give film photography a try I’d advise using a 35mm film camera with a film speed of 400. Different types of film can be useful for ghost hunting, black and white and Infrared films have both been used to catch interesting results.

Stay still and snap away. When taking photos trying to catch ghosts or other anomalies you should always take multiple pictures at a time. Moving as little as possible between each shot should be your aim. We do this because many true paranormal photos are seen in one photograph but in the next it may have moved slightly or more often than not vanished altogether, even though it was taken only a few seconds later. Natural explanations such as a stain on the wall or a reflection will stay in place thus enabling us to rule them out for what they are.

Double the power. Using a camera on a ghost hunt in conjunction with an EMF meter or temperature reader can really help you get results. Obviously once you get a anomalous EMF reading you’ll want to take multiple photos (see the above tip) of that area. For using with a temperature reader you would wait for hitting a cold spot or for a sudden drop in temperature before again taking multiple photographs of the area.

Don’t discard. If you was using a digital camera on your ghost hunt, chances are you probably went a little snap happy (which is a good thing) and took a load of photos. It would be easy and less time consuming to quickly scan through them, looking for anomalies using only your cameras built in view finder, deleting the ones you see nothing in as you go, but that would be a mistake. Most paranormal anomalies are not noticed until the photo is seen at a larger size due to them sometimes been faint and hard to see. Take the time to upload the photos from your cameras memory card to your PC/ laptop and go through them one by one on a full screen, carefully looking at each one. If you find something worth analysing further you should first make a copy of that photo. Any enhancements you do such as cropping or altering the lighting should be made to the copy only, ALWAYS leave the original just as it is.

And finally we come to the most important tip for ghosts hunting photography which I can sum up in just three words: Take spare batteries:)

Ghost Hunting Kits

Ghosts can be detected by simple equipment that we carry on an everyday basis. This means that to start off as a ghost hunter you do not have to spend a small fortune since the equipment that makes up a “Basic Ghost Hunting Kit” is cheap and is most probably already sitting unnoticed in your house. There are situations that can be investigated with the basic set of ghost hunter items so it doesn’t mean that you have to wait till you own advanced ghost hunter equipment to perform an investigation, you can start now once you assemble this simple and basic set of ghost hunter tools.

Basic Ghost Hunting Kits Will Consist Of The Following

35mm or Digital Camera – If you want to capture paranormal activity, this is a piece of equipment that you must have. Orbs and ectoplasm are not visible to the naked eye, but film has been known to capture them. Every ghost hunter, whether beginner or experienced, has to carry a camera to catch that moment in time when there is evidence of paranormal activity.

Notebook, pen and pencil – This might seem to be very mundane but it is important that you record notes, findings or experiences that you may have during an investigation.

A flashlight – Most paranormal activity investigations are carried out in the dark or a foreboding location such as a cemetery, warehouse or an old abandoned house. Most of these places do not have a source of light such as electricity therefore it is important that you have a portable light source such as a flashlight.

Extra Batteries – It is documented that ghosts sometimes use the charge of batteries when going about their in their activities. This can lead to you being left in the dark all of a sudden as your battery is drained. It is therefore prudent that you carry an extra pair of batteries for such unexpected situations.

Other Essential Parts Of A Ghost Hunting Kit

Once you are armed with these simple items in your ghost hunting kit, you are ready to test the waters of paranormal investigating. Some of the results you get using these simple items will make you want to pursue the science of ghost hunting with passion. Once you become serious about paranormal investigating you may want to consider downloading some software so you can present your results in a professional manner that will be taken seriously in the business.

Ghost Hunting TV Shows

It seems more people now than ever are interested in the topic of ghosts which ultimately has given us an influx of ghost hunting TV shows. Just in case you didn’t know about some of these shows and you are interested in ghost hunting and ghosts in general I decided to write this post listing some of the better ones.

Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters centers around the Atlantic Paranormal Society, or TAPS for short, and their investigations into the paranormal. Armed with tons of mod cons to aid their efforts, Taps investigate locations and then attempt to debunk the haunting by finding a natural reason for the phenomena.

Not as good as it once was (the early seasons where the best) due to the fact that it seems to be becoming more sensationalized and more of an entertainment show than a factual one. The fact that I have grown to dislike the main stars of TAPS, Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes, also doesn’t help (because to me they come across as bullies to the rest of the team, but that may just be me).

If you are interested in watching a ghost hunting TV show then Ghost Hunters is certainly the most popular and has many loving fans, the early seasons are definitely worth a watch. You can catch Ghost Hunters on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Most Haunted

As far as I am aware Most Haunted was the first show of this type to become a big success when it first aired in the UK. The premise is that a team of investigators including a TV presenter, a parapsychologist and a medium spend a day in a haunted location trying to capture evidence.

The show also had many live specials. These would be broadcast over a number of successive nights and be around 5 hours long each show. The show suffered a bit of an embarrassment when their original psychic, Derek Acorah, was revealed to be making fraudulent claims on the show in the British press.

Definitely classed as an entertainment show rather than a factual one, Most Haunted is very up and down in terms of quality. The show has just finished its final series, however it is looking for a new channel in the U.K so it could return. In the US it is shown on the Travel Channel.

Paranormal State

Paranormal State is a little different to the other shows on this list as it covers other types of paranormal phenomena instead of only featuring ghost and hauntings. Where as Ghost Hunters and other shows are about trying to find or debunk phenomena in locations, Paranormal State instead tells the story of a location and then attempts to help the residents of the place deal with what is happening.

The show is based around Ryan Buell and, supposedly, the rest of his Penn State University Paranormal Research Society (if you blink you’ll miss them). Unfortunately it’s Ryan Buell that makes the show harder to watch as he narrates over the show but his voice his too dry and monotonous that it makes the show appear dull at times. Paranormal State is on A & E.

Ghost Adventures

Of all the ghost hunting shows there can be little doubt that Ghost Adventures is the most entertaining. If you are looking for a serious documentary type show then Ghost Adventures isn’t for you but if you want something fun and that doesn’t take itself too seriously then this is for you.

Ghost Adventures really is a love it or hate it show. Some will find the stars (Zak, Nick, and Aaron) a little on the annoying side but you can never accuse them of being dull. Some also don’t like the fact that this show actually tries to provoke actions from ghosts.

If you’ve tried ghost hunting shows such as Ghost Hunters and found them a little dull then you really should check out Ghost Adventures. It airs on the Travel channel.

These are four of the most popular ghost hunting shows around, and amongst them you should find something that suits your taste.